Hammered Finish  Flamed Finish  Polished Finish  Sawn Finish  Rustic Finish 

Hammered Finish: It´s the classic finished, the most used in Quintana. It was made thumping manual the stone with a bujarda. Actually it is used machinary which provides a finish more homogeneus and regular.

Flamed Finish: The finish consists in a thermic processing of the granite, which produces a surface with certain amount of relief, rough, slightly craterised and glassy, giving the granite a rustic look, but without apreciable changes in color and rests of treatment. All this, gived to the stone a high defense to the atmospheric chemical alteration.     


Polished Finish:  The polished is a treatment very used for the granite because it gived a bright surface wich is outstandingly all colours and the texture of the material. The polished provides the closed of pores stone wich makes that the material more resitant to exterior agressions.

Sawn Finish:  It´s often a first step for the realization of rest of finishes. This finish gives a smooth surface with some roughness and in some cases with small undulation created for the cut and with a clear tone and matt.       

Rustic Finish:  All the process of this finish is manual and gives a very rustic look wich mades very apreciatted in the reconstruction of old arquitecturals items.