Photografic visit to the granite museum

    The use of "Gris Quintana" Granite to date back to the protohistoric age, the most important samples are a menhir dated on second millenium before Cristh, and a tombstone of a warrier of the VII-VIII Century before Christ. All of this proves that the first use of Gris Quintana granite was for funeral art

    The utilitation of Gris Quintana Granite has been very importante in the popular architecture of this town, It´s the personal element in the architercture of Quintana, at the last years the granite has been used again for the Quintana´s architecture.

    At the beginning of twentieth century is discovered the trade value of this granite, moreover it can be found at the surface and this make easy the extraction, for this there are many small quarries that actually are not used.Casa de la Posada. Siglo XVIII.

    At the fifty decade starts a rational work of this granite and it´s introduced in the national market, of this epoch is the reconstruction of Roman Bridge of Mérid and Bank of Spain in Cáceres.